Humanity 10

Humans with this score are rare, and the vampires who have achieved it even more so. At this level, mortals and Kindred alike lead a saintly, veritably ascetic life, tightly controlled by ethics and principles supporting this fragile condition. The merest selfish deed or thought is enough to topple this state of grace.

Humanity 10 vampires can appear human in other regards:

  • Blush of Life is not necessary, because you appear as a pale mortal in good health.
  • You heal Superficial damage as a mortal, in addition to vampiric mending.
  • You can taste, eat, and digest food as if human.
  • You can stay awake during the day as if human, though you do not lose your normal need for sleep.
  • The rate of sunlight damage you take is halved.
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