Attribut: Stamina

Hinnan är den mest intima av manifestationerna. När en Syndaätare ikläder sig Hinnan, bjuder han in sin Gast djupt in i kroppen så att Plasman kan flöda fritt inifrån och ut. Att dela kroppen med sin Gast är en otroligt intensiv handlig som stärker bandet mellan Den Bundne och Gasten. Väl inne i kroppen kan Gasten skulptera hans kött och forma den på det sätt som den aktiverande Nyckeln tilllåter.

The Stigmatic Caul allows a Sin-Eater to control his blood as it seeps from his body, and even to sever limbs to act as homunculi. The Elemental Cauls by contrast suffuse their bodies with the purity of their element. While the Shroud wraps a geist around a Sin-Eater, the Caul bonds the two together. Unless otherwise noted under the unlocking Key, the gross physical changes caused by the Caul are visible to everyone who looks at the Sin-Eater.

The basic power of the Caul invites the geist into the Sin-Eater’s body. These powers all affect the Sin-Eater directly, rather than other people or ghosts. Activation successes on this roll normally inform the magnitude of the subsidiary powers that branch off each version of this Manifestation. Where secondary powers require dice rolls, the activation successes are added to the dice pool as normal. The Caul normally lasts until the end of the scene, though a Sin-Eater can choose to dismiss his geist sooner if he so chooses. Most of the subsidiary powers of the Caul are cumulative as the fusion of Sin-Eater and geist warps into a more powerful form. All powers under a single Key that don’t require a roll or plasm expenditure to activate are cumulative; the Sin-Eater gains all benefits as soon as he dons the Caul. Naturally, a Sin-Eater can have a Caul tied to only one Key at a time.

Aktivera Hinnan

Kostnad: 1 plasma
Slag: Stamina + (Key Skill) + Caul rating
Handling: Omedelbar

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: The Sin-Eater and geist reject each other on a subconscious level. The Sin-Eater cannot access the Caul until the next sunset.
  • Failure: The attempt to manifest the Caul fails.
  • Success: The Sin-Eater draws his geist within him, infusing his body with plasm and joining into one.
  • Exceptional Success: Both Sin-Eater and geist act in harmony. Any rolls to activate the subsidiary powers of the Caul gain the 9-again quality.

Elementens hinnor

Skill: Occult

The geist suffusing the Sin-Eater’s flesh transforms it into the associated element.

Kalla vindens hinna

The Cold Wind Caul chills the Sin-Eater’s body. He always feels cold and slightly clammy, as if he’s been dead for several hours, and turns translucent and indistinct. The Sin-Eater adds his activation successes to any Stealth rolls, and cannot be detected on thermal imaging equipment.

Kalla vindens hinna ••

The Sin-Eater is blown by a cold wind rather than walking. He remains roughly two inches above the surface of the ground, and can walk on water just as easily.

Kalla vindens hinna •••

The Bound may drastically reduce his body temperature, freezing up to a gallon of water with a touch and dealing his Caul rating in bashing damage to any opponent he grapples.

Kalla vindens hinna ••••

This power renders the Sin-Eater as insubstantial as the air. He can reflexively spend two points of plasm to completely ignore any attack that occurs after his initiative.

Kalla vindens hinna •••••

The Sin-Eater merges with the winds. By spending two points of plasm, he vanishes and can re-form anywhere within his Caul rating in miles just a minute later. The departure and arrival point must both be outdoors.

Gravjordens hinna

The Grave-Dirt Caul transforms the Sin-Eater’s body into dirt and rock from the inside out. While this Caul is unlocked, she becomes immune to being stunned or knocked out (World of Darkness Rulebook, pp. 166-167).

Gravjordens hinna ••

The Sin-Eater’s bones turn to thick stone. She takes bashing damage from firearms instead of lethal.

Gravjordens hinna •••

The Manifestation transforms even the Sin-Eater’s flesh to dirt and gravel. She gains temporary Health dots equal to her activation successes.

Gravjordens hinna ••••

The Sin-Eater’s bones and nails become diamond-hard. Her unarmed attacks deal lethal damage rather than bashing.

Gravjordens hinna •••••

Unlocking this power allows the Sin-Eater to transform herself into a living statue, sometimes called “the Cemetery Angel.” The player spends two plasm and rolls Stamina + Occult + (activation successes). Success indicates that the Sin-Eater becomes a stone statue. She cannot move in this form but is surprisingly resistant to damage. She gains one point of Durability per success, and Structure equal to her Durability + Size. She can remain in this form for up one day per point of Psyche, during which times he heals at twice the normal rate. Any Structure lost in this form is ignored when she reverts to human form. In this form, the Sin-Eater is effectively unconscious and unaware of her surroundings, though she retains some sense of the passage of time. On an exceptional success, she remains aware of her surroundings.

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Industriella hinnan

Skill: Crafts

Industriella hinnan förenar Syndaätaren och hans Gast till att bilda en bildlig sorts "Ghost in the Machine". Hon suddar ut gränsen mellan man och maskin och lär sig bli ett med mackapärer och införliva manicker i sin egen kropp. Dessa förmågor ger surrealistiska verkningar, och vetenskap får backa för den nya skolan: nekroteknologi.

Most powers of the Industrial Caul allow the Sin-Eater to meld with pieces of technology. Once she’s implanted a piece of technology, she adds her modified activation successes to her dice pool when using it. When using the Industrial Caul, she can’t properly relate to humans, suffering a –2 modifier to all Presence rolls.

Initially, the Industrial Caul allows a Sin-Eater to implant simple man-made items of up to Size 3 into his body. Every item costs a point of plasm to implant. Whatever she melds with cannot rely on electronic or chemical power sources. She can hide or reveal the objects as a reflexive action.

Industriella hinnan ••

The Sin-Eater can implant anything of Size 3 or below, including firearms and power tools. She can hold a total number of items in her body up to her Caul rating, though she can only use two items at once (extending each through one of her arms).

Industriella hinnan •••

At this level, the Sin-Eater may manifest all the objects stored within her simultaneously, growing extra “arms” (which appear as mechanical constructions) as necessary.

Industriella hinnan ••••

The character may meld with larger objects, up to Size 10 + the Sin-Eater’s Psyche. She can’t store any other items within herself while joined with a large device, and it costs two points of plasm to join with it. Her hands and legs flow into the machine while she controls it.

Industriella hinnan •••••

The Sin-Eater can store items within her body when bonding with larger machines, and reveal them as for Industrial Caul •••, though each item she grows an arm for costs a point of plasm.

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