Gravjordens hinna

Gravjordens hinna

The Grave-Dirt Caul transforms the Sin-Eater’s body into dirt and rock from the inside out. While this Caul is unlocked, she becomes immune to being stunned or knocked out (World of Darkness Rulebook, pp. 166-167).

Gravjordens hinna ••

The Sin-Eater’s bones turn to thick stone. She takes bashing damage from firearms instead of lethal.

Gravjordens hinna •••

The Manifestation transforms even the Sin-Eater’s flesh to dirt and gravel. She gains temporary Health dots equal to her activation successes.

Gravjordens hinna ••••

The Sin-Eater’s bones and nails become diamond-hard. Her unarmed attacks deal lethal damage rather than bashing.

Gravjordens hinna •••••

Unlocking this power allows the Sin-Eater to transform herself into a living statue, sometimes called “the Cemetery Angel.” The player spends two plasm and rolls Stamina + Occult + (activation successes). Success indicates that the Sin-Eater becomes a stone statue. She cannot move in this form but is surprisingly resistant to damage. She gains one point of Durability per success, and Structure equal to her Durability + Size. She can remain in this form for up one day per point of Psyche, during which times he heals at twice the normal rate. Any Structure lost in this form is ignored when she reverts to human form. In this form, the Sin-Eater is effectively unconscious and unaware of her surroundings, though she retains some sense of the passage of time. On an exceptional success, she remains aware of her surroundings.

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