Återfinna (Finding)

Återfinna (Finding)

Kostnad: ● | Dice Pool: Psyche + Stamina | Action: Extended (target number of 3 for locating a corpse or 6 for locating a living target) | Time Increment: The Sin-Eater can roll for this ceremony once every half hour.

This ceremony is used to divine the location of a person, living or dead. The major limitations are that the Sin-Eater must have at least a tiny piece of the target’s body. A drop of blood (at least 75% free of foreign materials such as dirt), a fingernail clipping, or even a single strand of hair will suffice. Also, the ceremony allows the Sin-Eater to locate the person, but does not provide the person’s location on a map — the Sin-Eater must physically track down the target.

Performing the Ceremony: The Sin-Eater must tie the portion of bodily material in a small cloth bag on the end of a string. The Sin-Eater must then spin slowly in a circle while holding the string in one hand. Eventually, she feels the string begin to pull. This ceremony can be performed as often as desired, such as to triangulate the target’s location. Locating a corpse, an imprisoned captive, or anyone else who is stationary is fairly easy using this ceremony. Locating a living person who is moving around can be exceedingly difficult. This ceremony cannot be used to locate a ghost, only a living or a dead physical body. The Sin-Eater need not know the target’s name, wanting to find the person to which a spot of blood or a lock of hair belong works just as well.

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: All successes are lost. The string attracts the attention of ghosts and begins pulling in random directions. The bodily remnant loses its connection and cannot be used for this ceremony again.
Failure: No successes are gained.
Success: Successes are gained. If the required number is reached, the Sin-Eater feels a pull on the string. The direction the string pulls provides the character with the direction of the person, or their corpse. The strength of the pull gives a rough idea of how far away the target is; the stronger the pull, the nearer the target. As long as the Sin-Eater holds onto the string, she continues to feel this pull. This pull continues for 5 minutes per success rolled.
Exceptional Success: Successes are gained. If the number of successes exceeds the needed number by five or more, the ritualist continues to feel the string pulling in the correct direction for the next hour. Also, the Sin-Eater knows more clearly if the target is a few dozen yards, a few miles or a few tens, hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Suggested Modifiers

+1 | The Sin-Eater has several different types of physical connections to the target, such as having both a few hairs and a fingernail clipping.
–1 | The pieces of the target are old, worn, or decayed.
–3 | The target is living or a corporeal undead (such as a vampire).
–3 | The Sin-Eater is attempting to use several connections to the target at once and at least one of these connections is a piece of someone else.

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