Thaumaturgy - Elemental Mastery

This path allows a thaumaturge limited control over and communication with inanimate objects. Mistakenly believed by many to be related to the four basic elements (earth, air, fire, and water), this path is actually closer to an amalgamation of Spirit Thaumaturgy and The Path of Conjuring. Elemental Mastery can only be used to affect the unliving – a vampire couldn't cause a tree to walk by using Animate the Unmoving, for instance. Thaumaturges who seek mastery over living things generally study Biothaumaturgical Experimentation or The Green Path.

Elemental Strength

The Vampire with this discipline can draw upon the strength and resilience of the earth, or of the objects around him, to increase his or her physical prowess without the need for large amounts of blood.

System: The player allocates a total of three temporary bonus dots between the character's Strength and Stamina. The number of successes on the roll to activate the power are the number of turns the dots remain. The player may spend a Willpower point to increase this duration by one turn. This power cannot be "stacked" – one application must expire before the next can be made.

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