Earth Meld

●●● Earth Meld

Becoming one with the soil, the vampire sinks into the earth. Unless in torpor, the vampire rises again the following night.

  • Level: Protean 3
  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • System: No test is required, but the vampire must be on a natural surface: rocks, raw earth, grass, etc. This power does not work on concrete, asphalt, or other artificial surfaces. It takes a turn for the vampire to sink into the earth, leaving carried objects behind atop the soil. While in the earth the vampire is aware of their surroundings, except during day-sleep. At those times, disturbances (e.g., digging or loud noises) awaken them or not as with all vampires (p. 219).
  • Duration: One day or more, or until disturbed
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