Dominans 3 (VtR2) - Begraven befallning

●● Begraven befallning

Slag: Intelligence + Subterfuge + Dominate - offrets Resolve | Kostnad: 1 Vitae | Villkor: Du måste ha försatt personen i Hypnotiserat Tillstånd | Handling: Omedelbar | Varaktighet: En vecka eller månad per lyckad tärning (se nedan).

The vampire has enough control over her meat-puppet to implant a subconscious trigger, a specific set of conditions that will turn him into her slave when he encounters them. She can force her victim into a suggestible state when he points a gun at her, make him transfer all of his money into her account when he hears Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, or only allow him to remember his son when he smells lilacs.


Fummel: The vampire’s attempt to set up a trigger backfires. The victim loses his Mesmerized Condition. For the next week, when he encounters one trigger that the vampire attempted to set he instead gains the Steadfast Condition (p. VtR2 306).
Misslyckande: The attempt to set triggers in the victim’s mind doesn’t take. Is he fighting back, or is there another reason?
Framgång: The vampire can implant a number of subconscious triggers equal to the number of successes rolled to trigger specific effects of other Dominate powers. She must pay any Vitae cost for these powers as normal. These triggers remain in place for one week per success, or one month per success if the victim is in any stage of Vinculum towards the vampire. During that time, the effects of the trigger emerge each time the victim encounters the stimulus.
Exceptionell framgång: The vampire’s commands slip into the victim’s subconscious with ease. Reduce the Vitae cost by one when implanting Edikt av järn and Förljugna minnen (The Lying Mind).
Each trigger is a specific event or sensory stimulus that causes the linked effect to emerge. The vampire must pay any Vitae cost for other Dominate powers, but only need do so once to attach that power to any number of triggers. Using [[[Dominate2| Edikt av järn]] in conjunction with Begraven befallning to force a man to show up at a nightclub when he argues with his wife, and making him fill a USB stick with sensitive information from his workplace all costs only one point of Vitae. Describing both the trigger and its specific effect on the victim takes about two turns per trigger.

Other Dominate abilities work as follows when channeled through Begraven befallning:

  • Hypnotisera: Offret försätts i tillståndet Hypnotiserad when he encounters the trigger. If the vampire isn’t present to capitalize on his state, the effects soon fade.
  • Edikt av järn: When the victim encounters the trigger, he immediately gains a Dominated Condition relating to the imprinted command. As he is entirely under the vampire’s sway when Dominated, he does not encounter other triggers until he resolves the Condition.
  • Förljugna minnen: The trigger serves as a switch for memory alteration. Encountering it once causes a memory to emerge (or to vanish), while encountering it again reverses the change.
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