Dominans 2 (VtR2) - Edikt av järn

●● Edikt av järn

Slag: Inget | Kostnad: 1 Vitae | Villkor: Du måste ha försatt personen i Hypnotiserat Tillstånd | Handling: Omedelbar

Once she’s got a hotline into her victim’s mind, the vampire can take some time to play with his thoughts and memories. While it takes more of her power to relay complex commands, she goes from jerking her victim’s strings to controlling him like a puppeteer, making his ever movement dance to her tune.

The vampire can issue a longer command to a Mesmerized victim. This edict can be up to three sentences long, and can include a successive series of actions. The command takes two turns per sentence to convey. As with Mesmerize, the vampire’s control doesn’t extend to commands that rely on the victim’s interpretation. The victim takes the Dominated Condition (p. 302) and will follow the vampire’s commands as soon as she finishes speaking them. He continues to follow the order until he has completed his task, or the sun rises. Many Kindred use Iron Edict to issue a simple command, such as “Obey my direct instructions when I give them to you,” which effectively gives them control over the minion until the sun comes up — though it doesn’t extend the duration of the Mesmerized Condition.

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