Dominans 1 (VtR2) - Hypnos

● Hypnos

Slag: Intelligence + Expression + Dominate vs. Resolve + Blood Potency | Kostnad: Ingen | Handling: Omedelbar

All a vampire has to do is meet her victim’s eye to catch him in her thrall. Her control isn’t obvious; she just asks him to do something and her victim acquiesces. He could unlock a door, pass her a gun — or forget ever meeting her. Some cruel vampires mesmerize passers-by just to take the rap for their crimes.


Fummel: The victim sees through the vampire’s attempt to control his mind; emboldened, he gains the Steadfast Condition.
Misslyckande: The vampire’s victim proves stronger-willed than she’d thought.
Framgång: The vampire holds her victim’s gaze for just a second, but it’s enough to inflict Tillståndet Hypnotiserad (Mesmerized p. 305).
Exceptionell framgång: The vampire’s control flows over the victim’s brain like water. They want to do whatever the vampire says. The vampire can issue a command in the same action as mesmerizing the victim.

Once she has inflicted the Mesmerized Condition, the vampire can command the victim as an instant action. Her commands can’t be longer than three or four words, and she has to be direct — her control doesn’t extend to issuing vague commands. “Follow me,” “Shoot your husband,” and “Repeat after me…” are all suitable commands, while “Forget,” “Submit,” and “Do my bidding” have too much room for interpretation. She can even mess with the victim’s memory, making one statement about the current scene that victim will remember as truth. While she can still only use simple and unambiguous commands, she can pack a lot of changes into four words: “You killed that man” and “I was not here” combine to frame the victim for murder.

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