Fjärran blickar (Distant Vision)

Fjärran blickar (Distant Vision)

Kostnad: •• | Dice Pool: Psyche + Wits | Action: Extended (target number of 4) | Time Increment: The Sin-Eater can roll for this ceremony once every minute.

This ceremony allows the Sin-Eater to gain a brief vision of an individual. If the individual is a ghost, this ceremony reveals the ghost’s present location in either the mortal world or the Underworld. If the person is alive, then this ceremony shows the person and his immediate surroundings in the mortal world.

Performing the Ceremony: This ceremony requires a mirror or other similarly reflective surface that once reflected the face of the intended target. If the target is a ghost, then the mirror could either have reflected the person’s face in life, or some physical Manifestation created by the ghost. The Sin-Eater must also either know the individual’s name or at least a unique descriptor, such as “the tall black woman who shot at me yesterday” or “the ghost who is haunting this apartment”. The Sin-Eater stares into the mirror and eventually, images begin to form. This image is visible to other Sin-Eaters, but not to mortals. The image also cannot be photographed with anything except a camera that is also a memento.

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: All successes are lost. The mirror cracks and clouds over, rendering it useless for this ceremony.
Failure: No successes are gained.
Success: Successes are gained. If the target number is reached, the Sin-Eater sees a still image of the target and the target’s immediate surroundings, much like a photograph of the target taken at the moment the ceremony was performed. The image appears as though the Bound is looking at the target from approximately 10 feet away. If desired, the Sin-Eater can cause the image to expand, so she can examine some part of the image more closely.
Exceptional Success: Successes are gained. If the target number is reached, the image depicts motion for the next minute, much like a video image without sound.

Suggested Modifiers

+2 | The mirror was a personal possession of the target and reflected his image many times.
+1 | The Sin-Eater knows the target’s full legal name.
–1 | The mirror or other surface that reflected the image is cracked, dull, or otherwise in poor condition.
–2 | The target’s image was reflected only very briefly or partially in the mirror.
–3 | The target’s image was reflected in a pane of glass, a polished metal surface, or something else reflective that is not a mirror. This penalty can be cumulative with the one above.

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