Although most modern Kindred who have heard of the Salubri know of them as soul-stealing abominations who should be reported to the prince, some elders still remember Saulot's line as a double-edged blade, gentle healers on one hand and matchless holy warriors on the other. Some Kindred have reported dealing with a Salubri who possesses frightening martial prowess. Whether or not this is the result of an atavism of this Discipline or an entirely separate power is unknown.

The characteristic third eye of the Salubri appears around the time that any vampire, regardless of clan or bloodline, develops the second level of Obeah. The eye opens whenever any power of second level or higher is used. The Salubri give no concrete answer as to how or why this occurs. The most common theory is that the eye serves as a conduit for spiritual energies, both sensing and emitting them.

Sense Vitality

The Salubri can feel the flow of a subject’s life force after touching him. Sense Vitality may be used to determine how much damage a person can withstand before death, which can be useful in sizing up a potential opponent. It can also aid in medical diagnosis or feeding, as it can reveal infections and diseases.

System: The Salubri antitribu must touch the target to see how close to death she is. This action also requires a Perception + Empathy roll (difficulty 7). One success on this roll identifies a subject as a mortal, vampire, ghoul or other creature (or none of the above). Two successes reveal how much damage the subject has suffered. Three successes tell how full the subject’s blood pool is (if a vampire) or how many blood points she has left in her system (if a mortal or other blood-bearing form of life). Four successes reveal any diseases in the subject’s bloodstream, such as hemophilia or HIV. A player may opt to learn the information yielded by a lesser degree of success – for example, a player who accumulates three successes may learn whether or not a subject is a vampire as well as the contents of his blood pool.

Alternately, this power may be used as a sort of limited "aftersight," revealing to the Salubri how the subject came to be in her current state. Each success on this roll allows the player to ask the Storyteller one question about the subject's health or health levels. "Was he drugged?" or "Are his wounds aggravated?" are valid questions, but "Did the Sabbat do this?" or "What did the Lupine who killed him look like?" are not. The Salubri may use this power on herself if she has injuries but has somehow lost the memory of how the wounds were received.

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