The curious blood coursing through the undead veins of the Kiasyd has done some remarkable things, not the least of which has been the creation of the odd Discipline known as Mytherceria. A collection of powers attributed to the faeries and inclined toward the exposure of new knowledge, Mytherceria has driven many of its victims to babbling madness, or at least frustration. The Kiasyd are loath to teach its ways to others outside their bloodline - they know that were it turned against them, they may be forced to reveal secrets the world is better off not knowing.


It becomes increasingly difficult to deceive the Kiasyd as they absorb more and more knowledge. This power reveals lies told to the Kiasyd in several different ways, which varies from vampire to vampire. Some Kiasyd perceive lies via their teller's tongue glowing in an unnatural color, while others' eyes well up with blood tears when lied to. The manner varies from Kiasyd to Kiasyd, but the effect is always the same - he knows you have lied to him.

System: The player rolls Perception + Expression (difficulty equal to the suspected liar's Manipulation + Subterfuge ). If the roll succeeds, the Kiasyd gets an inkling as to whether or not the subject is lying. One roll must be made for each statement, should the Kiasyd be so suspicious as to check out everything the speaker says.

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