These are the mysteries of the Baali, black arts torn whole and beating from the sorcerer-kings of ancient cultures and pre-historic civilizations, incoherent memories passed from tome to tongue, hearkening to times of insensate oblivion. They are sibilant secrets in which all begins to end and begin again… and with every new night and novice brought into the circle, the telling grows shorter.

Sense the Sin

The novitiate first learns the art of unmaking where the seeds of chaos are strewn - from within. This power allows the Baali to see into the heart of a person, unearthing his flaws - his shortcomings, his vulnerabilities, his exploitable weaknesses.

System: The player rolls Perception + Empathy against living or undead beings, difficulty equal to the subject's Self-Control + 4. If successful, the Baali can sense the subject's greatest weakness. The depth and significance of this information are dictated by the degree of success; one success might determine a low Virtue, weak Willpower or a poorly defended avenue of approach, whereas two might yield a closely-guarded secret or a conversational misstep. Three or more yields a central Derangement or formative trauma from the subject's past.

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