The D'Habi are the descendants of Nergal's priests. With the supposed death of Nergal, the other Baali orders claimed the priests as their own, producing a unified ghoul family to serve the entire bloodline. Over the generations, each D'habi family was cultivated by a different Baali order. Supposedly, this separation was enforced to prevent the ghouls from ever exercising any show of unity. Alas for the architects of the plan, then, that it proved to be the bloodline's Achilles heel.

Nergal still existed, something the D'habi alone knew at the time. Down through the generations, each member of the scattered families was secretly Blood-Oathed to Nergal. Ensconced safely within the houses of his rivals, the D'habi were Nergal's spies and his vessels. Nergal used his network to glean knowledge from the Baali orders, to feed misinformation to his enemies and to assassinate any potential opponents ere they grew too strong or too knowledgeable.

When Nergal finally reappeared, he did so in the guise of Shaitan. Claiming to be the bloodlines progenitor, he swiftly gained the loyalty of the newer orders and galvanized them under his charismatic authority. His hold over the D'habi was instrumental in paralying the older orders, many of which knew that this self-proclaimed Shaitan was an imposter. Through their ghouls, he infected key Baali with a blood-to-dust plague, eliminating all real opposition. The Avatars of the Swarm and the Keepers of Mystery were the only two orders to stand in opposition after this treachery played itself out.

Following Shaitan's crushing defeat in Crete, those younger Baali who escaped took the D'habi as their own servitors, not knowing the role they played in Shaitan's rise. Still, Fate's wheel turned for the revenants as well, and over the following centuries, the D'habi endured harsh servitude. Experimentation became the order of the day, as the Baali used their ghouls as both researchers and subjects. The Baali forced the D'habi to commit acts they could not perform themselves, such as impregnating victims, devouring sacrificial victims and serving as vessels for certain types of possession.

Having been forced to such depravity for centuries, the D'habi are degraded to an unimagineable level. They are no longer the same family who served Nergal; they are monsters as vile and loathed as their masters. The family accepts whatever behavior aberrations crop up: necrophilia, cannibalism, pederasty, and much, much worse. All this is kept behind closed doors, however—servitude is all to the D'habi, and anything that endangers that servitude or their masters is a threat, to be annihilated post haste.

Nickname: Hyenas

Appearance: The D'habi are generally quiet and reserved in public. Most bear some disfiguring marks or other, quiet evidence of harsh upbringings or sexual depravity. Common disfigurements include torture scars, missing digits (children of the family often have fingers or toes bitten off as a form of punishment) and multiple lesions and warts from sexual diseases. This diaspora of the Baali has scattered their servitors as well, and there is no longer a uniform "type" to the D'habi. The sole remaining trait they share is an intense, penetrating gaze.

Family Estates: The estates of the D'habi are virtually gone. Once, seven estates existed, each serving a Baali order, but now, that number has dwindled to one central estate in Damascus. Dozens of smaller families are scattered throughout the known world, but live in relative squalor compared to the lineage's glory days. As the Baali orders broke down into smaller covens, the D'habi estates were shattered in battles over which faction to follow.

Background: D'habi rarely interact with mortals while growing up, but they are educated as to how they might best fulfill a variety of functions: everything from assisting in tortore to dealing with the waking world. While the D'habi are reasonably capable servants, most are unable to read or write. Understandably the Baali are afraid their servants would learn how to use the spells of certain grimoires and turn against them. Those D'habi that can read must burn out their own tongues in a show of loyalty. Only then may such gifted ghouls assist in library research.

Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Presence (Those D'habi who exhibit any knowledge of Daimoinon are killed immediately by the Baali)

Weaknesses: Nergal's continued use of Dominate and Blood-Oaths on the family had made them weak-willed. This inherited weakness, coupled with their current treatment at the hands of crueler Baali, has made the D'habi susceptible to suggestions.

Preferred Roads: Most follow Via Diabolis. Via Hyron is forgotten among the younger D'habi.

Family Organization: The D'habi hierarchy is based strictly on age, rather than gender or any other considerations. The eldest surviving D'habi is the undisputed head of the household, with power proceeding down through the generations to the youngest.

Baali Duties: D'habi are the hands of the Baali in the mortal world. The revenants perform chores such as kidnapping victims, digging up graves, robbing churches and temples and assassinatin those who come to close to the nests. In rituals, D'habi assist the Baali, completing roles that require a mortal touch—inseminating victims, using their spit, urine or excrement to complete a ritual, and so on.

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