Nicknames: Bolting, Slipping,
The ability to strike fast, dodge
blows, and escape pursuers allows

Kindred to become extremely ef-
fective predators. Celerity enables

vampires to move faster than any
natural creature, though it does more
than grant a supernatural speed,
with vampires employing it actually
appearing to think almost as fast as
they act. While some vampires use
to slice and stab at enemies without
fear of riposte, others simply use it to
get from A to B faster than any other
person on foot.
■ Type: Physical

■ Masquerade Threat: Medium-
High. Most Celerity powers

are clearly inhuman, the only
saving grace being that they’re
very hard to catch on film or
■ Blood Resonance: Choleric.
Fear and utter terror, runners,

athletes, amphetamine and al-
kaloid users, habitual players of

first-person shooters and other
twitch games.

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