Barrio Equipetrol

Situated in the north western section of the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, this active and famous neighborhood is found between the 2nd and 3rd "anillos" (rings) with most of the action found on Avenida San Martin and its neighboring streets.

In the mornings after cleaning, it could be any neighborhood, but in the afternoons from 4pm Barrio Equipetrol is charged with life. This is especially the case when schools and universities are on vacation, on public holidays, and without fail, every Friday and Saturday night. Equipetrol is the place elected by young people to "pirañear" (to "pick up" or "check out" the opposite sex).

It starts with just a few cars doing laps around Avenida San Martin, as they start to meet more friends; they park their cars, open the doors and let the music from their stereos pour out of the boot of their car. A couple of beers get the party going in combo with the music - bought cheap from infallible mobile street vendors with super chilled "cerveza" (beers start at 50cents!).

Parties in the street often cause havoc as parked cars play their different music and pretty girls and boys choose which to stop and dance. Driving down the avenue becomes impossible with patience needed to advance just 100 meters in 45 minutes.

Some prefer to sit in the cafes or ice cream stores along the avenue and watch the melee before the first crowd start to head home at dusk to bath and tidy up so they can return and head out to the many bars or clubs that open later.

Clubs and Bars

Clubs opens and closes regularly by renovation, change of ownership or just to create a new opening celebration. This keeps Equipetrol a dynamic place, with constant new options that prevent monotony. Current "hot" and reliable places to go out and be seen include People Secret´s renewed "Lounge Shisha" where the richest young Cruceñans (22 - 30 years) must be seen, Coolors (16 - 22 years), Numbers with its famous acoustic Tuesdays, Element, Zero, Pueblo Viejo and without doubt a number that will be open today and with a new name or idea tomorrow!


Not just clubs, but their essential partner - food! - can be found here. Many important restaurants are located in this area, El Arriero - the Argentinean barbecue that delights even the hardest to please, Baccacio, El Buen Gusto or the new Bamboo have variety of plates. Picolo is the famous local chain that offers delicious ice cream or HUGE local plates, visit Mr Café for afternoon tea and if fast food is your calling you cannot go past the "sandwich de lomito" found on street corners or the constant presence of famous fridosita hamburgers sold from cart-bicycle vendors.
At 10 Equipetrol begins to fill again and this is when the real partying and excesses begin. All the bars and "discotheques" summon up the life and beautiful people of Santa Cruz for partying til the break of dawn.

Equipetrol is the weekend buffet of diversion where all tastes are satisfied and the best place to experience the "electrifying" nightlife of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

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