Smak för blod

Smak för blod

in addition to being able to smell blood and to identify and track with blood, Kindred discern subtle cues from blood they taste.

Slag: Wits + Composure

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The Storyteller gives two true statements about the blood and one very dangerous lie.
Failure: The blood offers no insight.
Success: You can discern basic details from the blood. These include blood type, clan, the presence of popular drugs, how long the blood has been out of the body, blood-borne diseases and poisons, if you've tasted that person's blood before, and if the blood is human. It can also tell the number of steps removed a character is in blood sumpathy to another character who's blood you've tasted (se blood sympathy). If the donor is human, your character detects what it is (if she's tasted that type of creature's blood before).
Exceptional Success: You can discern extensive details from the blood. These include whether the blood is from a ghoul and to what clan, infections, what the vessel ate recently, hormones in the bloodstream, diseases, some causes of death, and other fins details at Storyteller discretion.

Suggested Modifiers

Aupex active (+2), blood-tied (+2), currently hungry (+2), hour-old blood (-1), day-old blood (+3), week or more old (-5)

Ref: A Taste of Blood, VtR2 91

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