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Ett ord om mänsklighet och moral

THE MORALITY OF THE HUNT: In terms of sins against Morality, humanoid monsters should be treated as human. The line between “human who has become a vampire,” “human who has magical powers,” “human with a magical item,” and “human who just happens to kill people” is too morally ambiguous to be considered in terms of Morality sins. Hunters must bear the full moral impact of injuring or slaughtering sentient beings, regardless of whether they are technically human or not. Driving a stake into the heart of a cherubic vampire who looks like a human child can be just as morally taxing as if it were a mortal child who has killed her parents and siblings. (That said, if a creature is something truly alien or manifests no human features, Morality may not fi gure into the picture. Destroying something that looks like a giant bacterium earns the character as much guilt as wiping out strep throat with an antibiotic…which is to say, none at all.) More information on Morality (including changing the hierarchy of sins and using it to enhance theme and mood in your game) can be found in HtV (p. 322).

World/Chronicles of Darkness

Vampire: the Requiem | Klaner, Förbund, Discipliner
Mage the Awakening | Banor, Ordrar, Arcana
Changeling: the Lost | Väsen, Hov, Kontrakt
Geist: the Sin-Eaters | Trösklar, Manifestationer, Nycklar, Ceremonier
Hunter: the Vigil | Pakter, Konspirationer, Föräringar, Taktiker
Werewolf: the Forsaken | Auspices, Tribes, Gåvor, Riter

Classic World of Darkness

Vampire: the Masquerade | Klaner, Discipliner


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